Prof. (Dr.) K. R. Chowdhary, Ph.D.
Director, Jodhpur Institute of Engineering & Technology (JIET)
Professor & Head (formerly), Department of Computer Science
& Engineering,
M.B.M. Engineering College, Faculty of Engg., J.N.V. University, Jodhpur (INDIA)

Classroom Slides

Artificial Intelligence 2014 2015 2016 
Computer Architecture 2013 2014 
Theory of Computation 2015 2017 

Information Protection and Security Concepts 

Discrete Mathematical Structures Introduction
B.Tech./M.Tech. (CS) Projects  2014-16
Theory of Formal languages  2012-16

Natural language & Speech Processing  2012  2014-16
Advanced Algorithms  2015
Distributed Algorithms 2016    


Bioinformatics and
Computational Technologies

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Fundamentals of Discrete
Mathematical Structures, III Edition

  Fundamentals of Discrete Mathematical Structures, 
       3rd Ed.

SCAI' 04

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Areas of Research:Theory of Computation, Artificial Intelligence, and Discrete Mathematical Structures. Present position: Director JIET College of Engineering, Jodhpur. Previously: Head of Department of Computer Science & Engineering (2001-06, 2009-13) at M.B.M. Engineering College, and Director University Computer Centre. Taught at Indian Institute of Technology, Jodhpur, 2010 - 2017, and at M.B.M. Engineering College during 1985-2013. Positions held at J.N.V. University Jodhpur: Member Syndicate, Member Academic Council, Member University Research Board, Member Senate. Earlier, as Scientific officer at Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (B.A.R.C.), Mumbai (1979 - 1985) after B.E.(Hons) from M.B.M. Engineering College, and graduating from Training School of B.A.R.C. (22nd Batch). PhD in Natural Language Processing & Information Retrieval. Affiliations: Sr. Member ACM (Association for Computing Machines), Member IEEE, Member IEEE Computer Society, Member AMS (American Mathematical Society). PROFILE



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