32002: Artificial Intelligence: 3rd Year (II Sem) CSE, 2013-14, IIT, Jodhpur.                       

Lecture notes:
01. Syllabus Link
02. Introduction Lect1pdf
03. AI Goals, roots, and Sub-fields Lect2pdf
04. Knowled. Rep. & Phy. symbol sys. Hypoth. Lect3pdf
05. Logic and Knowledge Representation Lect4pdf
06. Syntax, sematics, Interpretation, Inference Lect5pdf
07. Reasoning patterns, Predicate logic Lect6pdf
08. FOPL, syntax, Inference Lect7pdf
Binding and Unification Lect8pdf
10. Clause form, conversion Lect9pdf
11. Unification, Composition, Disagreement sets Lect10pdf
12. Unification Algorthm, Resolution, and Theorem Proving Lect11pdf
13. Rule based systems Lect12pdf
14. RBS- forward chainig Lect13pdf
15. RBS- backward chainig Lect14pdf
16. Prolog and reasoning Lect15-17pdf
17. Simple prolog examples (to be run and understood): Recursion: factorial towers-of-hanoi
     Backtrack:  foods majoring; Controlling backtrack: grades picnic1  picnic2 picnic3 picnic4                        

18. Knowledge Rep. & Ontology Lect18pdf
19. Situation Calculus-I Lect19pdf
20. Situation Calculus-II Lect20pdf
21. Default logic Lect21-22pdf
22. Description logic Lect23pdf 
23. Uninformed Search Lect24-26pdf 
24. Heuristic Search Lect27-29pdf 
25. Natured Inspired Search Lect30pdf 
26. Constraint Problem Solving Lect31-32pdf
27. Search & Game Playing Lect33pdf
28. Minimax Search Lect34pdf
29. Alpha-bete search Lect35pdf
30. Planning Lect36pdf
31. Partial order and graph based planning Lect37pdf
32. Hierarchical planning, multi-agent systems  Lect38pdf
33. NLP Research  Lect39pdf

Homeworks/Quizes/Exams/Semester Project:
1. Quiz #1
2. HW #1  HW1pdf 
3. Midsem #1  ms1pdf
4. Quiz #2 Quiz2pdf
5. HW #2  HW2pdf
6. Midsem #2  ms2pdf
7. AI Nano-Projects  projaipdf proaijhtml
8. Latex-template and other files for AI Nano-Project report  aiproj-repo.tar.gz
9. Latex manual latex-manual.pdf
(note: Once you have edited your aiprojrepo.tex, by a text editor, the
compilation (conversion to .pdf) can be using kile or texmaker environment very easily.
10. Quiz #3 Quiz3pdf qiz3solpdf
11. Distribution of marks distribution.html
12. End Semester exam syllabus endsemsyl.html 
13. Practice Home work hw3pdf
14. End Sem. Exam endsempdf

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