Artificial Intelligence : 3-0-0-0 [4]

Solving Problems by Searching: Un-informed search strategies: Breadth first search, Depth-first search,

Depth-limited search, Iterative deepening depth-first search, bidirectional search;

Informed search and exploration: Greedy best-first search, A* search , Memory-bounded heuristic search;

Local search algorithms and Optimization: Hill climbing, Simulated Annealing, Local beam search, Genetic


Constraint Satisfaction Problems: Backtracking search for CSPs, Local search for CSPs.

Adversarial Search: Optimal Decision in Games, The minimax algorithm, Alpha-Beta pruning;

Knowledge and Reasoning: Propositional Logic, Reasoning Patterns in propositional logic;

First order logic: syntax, semantics, Inference in First order logic, unification and lifting, backward chaining,


Knowledge Representation: Ontological engineering, categories, objects, actions, situations, Situation Calculus,

semantic networks, description logics, reasoning with default systems.

Planning: Planning with state space search, Partial-Order Planning, Planning Graphs, Planning with Propositional

Logic, hierarchical task network planning, non-deterministic domains, conditional planning, continuous planning,

multi-agent planning;

Miscellaneous Topics: Fuzzy logic systems, Natural Language Processing.