Compiler Design, B.Tech. VIII SEM (Computer Sc. and Engg.)



 1. Grammars and Association Rules  pdf
 2. Syntax Directed Translation (Synthesized attributes, Syntax directed definition) pdf
 3. Syntax Directed Translation (Tree Travels, Translation schemes) pdf
 4. Syntax Directed Translation (Synthesized and inherited attributes) pdf
 5. Syntax Directed Translation (Evaluation Orders of SDD) pdf
 6. Intermediate code generation (Front end, back end, DAGs, 3-address code) pdf
 7. Intermediate code generation (TAC, Triples, quadruples) pdf
 8. Code generation: basic blocks, flow graph, basic block optimization,
      DAG, finding common sub-expression pdf

Beamer Slides (PDF Latex)

1. S-attributed, L-attributed Grammars, Dependency Graphs: pdf
2. Intermediate code generation:pdf
3. TAC, Control flow, optimization: pdf
4. Code generation: pdf

Exercises, Problems, Project Work

1. Home Assignment for lecture 1-3: pdf