DMS Book Fundamentals of Discrete Mathematical Structures III Edition (With GATE Problems), ISBN: 978-81-203-5074-8, Author: Prof. K. R. Chowdhary

CONTENTS: Discrete Structures & Set theory; Induction recursion, recurrences; Combinatorics; Discrete Probability; Mathematical Logic; Logical Inference; Predicate Logic; Graph Theory; Relations on Sets; Trees; Algebraic Systems; Languages, Automata, & Grammars; Prime numbers & crypto-systems; Solved examples in each chapter, GATE Questions, Extensive list of problems at each chapter end for practice.

FAI Fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence, Author: Prof. K. R. Chowdhary

CONTENTS: Fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence introduces the foundations of present day AI and provides coverage to recent developments in AI such as Constraint Satisfaction Problems, Adversarial Search and Game Theory, Statistical Learning Theory, Automated Planning, Intelligent Agents, Information Retrieval, Natural Language & Speech Processing, and Machine Vision. The book features a wealth of examples and illustrations, and practical approaches along with the theoretical concepts. It covers all major areas of AI in the domain of recent developments. The book is intended primarily for students who major in computer science at undergraduate and graduate level but will also be of interest as a foundation to researchers in the area of AI.

Conference Proceedings

Bioinfo Book Bioinformatics and Computational Technologies(BioCT09) (UGC National Conference, Mar. 2009, ISBN: 9788172336578) Editors: Prof. K. R. Chowdhary & Prof. V. S. Bansal

CONTENTS: Protein databases and & industrial relevance; Finding overlapping Bi-clusters from Gene Expression Data; In Silico 3D structure prediction of Amylase; Bioinformatiocs challenges; Nanotechnology and medicine; Multiple sequence alignment; Computational techniques; Bioinformatics Opportunities; Petrinet for modeling and simulation; Formal language theory applied to living organism; Modeling genetic behavior; Creation of gene regulatory networks; Semantic Bioinformatics; Soft-computing - a tool for bioinformatics; Visualization of features; Uncertainty management; Perception computing; FIS system; Object recognition using Coil-100 data set; Speech recognition.

Positions held

Start date Title Organization & Place

01‑07‑2019 (09‑04‑2019)

Professor of CS at JIET
(Chairman CS Dept. Research Committee; Member, Engineering Research Board, BTU)

CS Dept. JIET Jodhpur
(Bikaner Technical Univ., Rajasthan)

01‑01‑2017 (22‑04‑2014)

Director, JIET
(Director JIET SETG/COE)

JIET, Jodhpur (JIET SETG /JIET COE, Jodhpur)


Member Syndicate (1 yr term)

J N V Univ, Jodhpur


Visiting Faculty to IITJ (up to 22‑4‑2017)

Indian Institute of Technology Jodhpur (for 14 Semesters)


Professor & Head-3rd term, (4th term of HOD w.e.f. 6‑6‑2012)

Dept. of Computer Sc., M B M Engg. College, J N V Univ, Jodhpur


Asso. Prof. & Head (2nd term of HOD from 03‑02‑2004)

Dept. of Computer Sc., M B M Engg. College, J N V Univ, Jodhpur


Director Univ. Computer Centre (for over 10 years)

J N V Univ, Jodhpur


Associate Professor

Dept. of Electronics & Commu. Engg., M B M Engg. College, J N V Univ, Jodhpur


Scientific Officer C,
(Scientific officer SD)

Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Bombay