Master of Engineering (Computer Science & Engineering)
  Second Semester Spring-2014-18

Course: Natural languages and Speech Processing

(The lectures notes in the following are improved progressively from session to session.)

Components of speech, Speech organs, Phonetics pdf

2. Introduction to Speech Recognition pdf
3. Speech Recognition Models and Applications pdf
4. Finite Automata and morphological Parsing pdf
5. Finite State Transducers for Morphological Analysis pdf
6. Computational Phonology-1 pdf
7.Computational Phonology-2 pdf
8. Markov Chains for Speech Recognition pdf
9. Hidden Markov Models for speech recognition pdf
10. Python for speech Recognition pdf  
11. Introduction to Natural Language Processing pdf
12. Parts of Speech Tagging pdf
13. Natural language Parsing pdf

1. Articulation and recognition
2. Class-test as HW 

Evaluation criteria for course-work
40% Weight for home work and its timely submission
20% for class tests
40% for attendance