Theory of Computation Lectures Notes (Level: GATE)
Rajasthan Technical University, IV Semester, 2019        
Kurt Godel
Kurt Gödel

Syllabus for 1st Midterm exam: Finite Automata & Regular Expression: Basic machine, Finite state machine, Transition graph, Transition matrix, DFA & NFA, their equivalence, language acceptance, minimization of FA, Mealy & Moore machines. Regular languages and their closures, conversion between FA & regex, closure on regex, pumping lemma and its application.
1. Theory of computation course content (4cs4-6)  pdf
2. Course Objectives   html
3. Finite automata   pdf
4. Regular Expressions   pdf
5. Nondeterministic Finite Automata   pdf
6. Equivalence of NFA and DFA   pdf
7. Mealy and Moore Machines   pdf
8. On Closure properties of Regular Languages  pdf
9. More on Closure properties, Regex to NFA, DFA to regex  pdf
10. Pumping Lemma for regular languages  pdf
11. Minimization of Finite automata  pdf
Quizzes, Assignments,
 exams, projects:

1. Assignment #1 pdf
2. Assignment #1 solution hints html