Skill Courses
Skill Courses
The college education provides basic foundations of knowledge in the domain of Engineering or science or business. And, on that foundations one can build the knowledge and expertise, only partly this can be provided at college level, mostly through projects and labs. However, in the competitive market, this is not sufficient, and one need to acquire more through skill course or by self, and has to update constantly. Those cannot or are not, have little scope of migrating to new jobs, particularly, if the situation arises to quit the current job due to what so ever reason.

SKILL Courses

Year 2023 was marked with the top demand of C++ among all the computer programming languages, followed with Java, Python, Java Script, and so on. The C language is closely related to Operating Systems, Compilers and Computer Architecture, hence the CS students must be through with the C language. This is because C allows data storage in registers for fast processing, allows for memory allocation and de-allocation, allows command line arguments, graphics features, and many similar features, which make it flexible to use in any application. While programming in C one feels very close to machine architecture. 

Java remains a tool for Apps programming, for security, and for web application design. Due to availability of many libraries as part Java Development System, one can quickly develop applications using Java.

Python is picking very fast, it provides compact code, and with few lines one can develop applications, suitable for AI and Machine Learning. Python has support of vast libraries, like NKTK for Natural Language Processing,  for speech processing, and many more. So, commercial and scientific applications can be developed quickly using Python.

Following are some of the skill courses which one can choose:

  • C Programming with Linux.
  • Java Foundation course.
  • Java Application development on Endroid Platfom.
  • Python Programming.
  • Python Programming for Data Science.

It is not only the computer science students and professionals, but other  people can also take CS courses if they want to venture into CS field. Entering into CS field is easy, reverse, e.g., for a CS candidate to enter into Mechanical Engineering is difficult, for that one has to study at least the complete Thermodynamics and Theory of machines. However, one who is from Civil or Mechanical Engineering, can easily migrate into CS field by taking some standard courses, like: Computer Fundamentals, Data Structures and Algorithms, C/C++ Programming, Discrete mathematical Structures and  Operating Systems. All these courses are of logical nature, and has requirements of basic Mathematics of 12th standards in India. These additional courses either can be either taken as audit courses while doing Engineering other than CS, or can be taken at ease while in job or while trying for the job. 

The present day technology is such that it require life long learning. Why? Because the things are changing fast, and to remain competitive, one needs to update himself/herself constantly.   Lucking, the Internet in the present era can help in a big way to achieve these objectives.

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