The fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence takes care of all the essential fields of Artificial Intelligence, that makes the foundations of Artificial Intelligence field.

This is one of the most recent field, published by one of the top publisher in the world -- the Springer Nature. The book's website displays important information about its number of chapters down loads, total, as well as individual chapter, citations, and other information.  The text has been classroom tested for many years at Indian Institute of Technology Jodhpur, as well at M B M Engineering College.

Published in April 2020, the books has over 135k downloads, 130 citations, and 12 Altmetric.

The book covers all the major fields of AI, Knowledge Representation, State space search, Classical and Statistical Machine Learning, Logic Programming, Automated Planning,  Information Retrieval, Natural language Processing, Speech processing, and Computer Vision. In summary, the major fields covered are:

  • Supervised and Unsupervised Learning.
  • Reinforcement Learning.
  • Heuristic Search.
  • NLP.
  • Information Retrieval and Machine Vision.