Master of Technology (Computer Science & Engineering)
  Session 2015-16  and onwards

Course: Advanced Algorithms

The content of lecture notes below is improved and upgraded in every next session.
  Syllabus  pdf
2.  Matching problem pdf
3.  Network flows and maximum flow problems pdf
4.  Assignment #1 html
5.  Geometrical algorithms: applications, divide and conquer, convexity pdf
6.  Geometrical Algorithms: convex hull, proximity, Voronoi diagrams pdf
7.  Parallel Algorithms (Concepts, PRAMs, Interconnection Networks) pdf  
8.  Parallel Algorithms (Work-depth models, design of Parallel algos) pdf 
9.  Randomized Algorithms pdf   
10. Random Variable  pdf 
11. Home assignment # 2 pdf
12. Approximation Algorithms pdf
13. Self adjusting, persistent, and multidimensional data structures pdf