List of Nano-Projects for AI

April 4, 2014
These projects shall be in the form of small reports, describing how you will solve (i.e., solution approach), what/which methods, algorithms, techniques of representation you will use? The aim is to write the things out of your brain- and not from the web or book. Also, to discuss what benefits will be gained by the end user, and what are the potential applications? Can they make the life easier - by using AI existing in these projects/models when they are implemented?

You are to present the report, comprising the objective the project, motivation, implementation details, diagrams, alogorithms, and finally conclusions. Each nano-project shall be 4-5 pages, edited in sections names given below making use of Latex/Lyx only !! In case latex is not learned so far, it can be edited in the aip-roll.tex file (uploaded at my webpage), using ordinary text editor. Various sections of the project report shall be as follows:

  1. Title of Project
  2. Objective,
  3. Motivation,
  4. Theory,
  5. Design (formal representation & Algorithm)
  6. Block diagram,
  7. Applications
  8. Conclusion and Future Improvements,
  9. Bibliography.
  1. AI for Education
  2. AI for Helping Disable
  3. AI for helping Dumb and Deaf
  4. AI for helping in Agriculture
  5. AI for rural education
  6. AI for Mass Education
  7. AI for Mass Training
  8. AI for Health
  9. AI for Telemedicine
  10. AI for Healthcare
  11. AI for Surgical Science
  12. AI for Elders
  13. AI for Business
  14. AI for Production
  15. AI for Procurement of material
  16. AI for Store and stock maintenance
  17. AI for online store
  18. AI for mobile interface for uneducated
  19. AI for Sports
  20. AI for Training Athelets
  21. AI for organizing Atheletics meet
  22. AI for Medical Expert System
  23. AI for medical Diagnosis
  24. AI for Trouble shooring car
  25. AI for troubleshooting two wheelers
  26. AI for House Security
  27. AI for automated car navigation
  28. AI for Natural language Interface to computers
  29. AI for Language Translation
  30. AI for Speech to Natual Language Traslation
  31. AI for Language to Speech Translation
  32. AI for Software testing
  33. AI for online testing of hardware
  34. AI for online testing of Software
  35. AI for enhancing Hardware Reliability
  36. AI for enhancing of software Reliability
  37. AI for Military applications
  38. AI for War-time applications
  39. AI for scheduling flights
  40. AI for scheduling trains
  41. AI for CPU job scheduling
  42. AI for Floor-shop scheduling
  43. AI for Child-care
  44. AI for Space Exploration
  45. AI for Mars Mission
  46. AI for keeping space station operational
  47. AI for Automated Industrial Control
  48. AI for Electricity Generation
  49. AI for Transporting of Electricity
  50. AI for Optimum Deisgn of Road network
  51. AI for Optimum Design of water-pipeline network
  52. AI for Routing of packets in Internet
  53. AI for Playing Chess
  54. AI for Plaiyng Tic-Tac-Toi
  55. AI for Playing Sudoki
  56. AI for Home entertainment
  57. AI for Classroom time table management
  58. AI for Hostel Mess-management
  59. AI for Solar Energy panel Conrol
  60. AI for Energy consumption optimization
  61. AI for Intelligent Grid


a. There shall be a separate Project for each Student

b. The slected project shall be communicated by email to me, with SUB: Rollno-projname in next two days.

c. The skeleton of the latex template follows shortly.

d. The size of the nano-project shall be not more than 4-5 pages.

e. It shall be submitted before last working day, stapled in A4 pages.