Artificial Intelligence : 3-0-0-0 [4]

Distribution of Marks

Guidelines for Distribution of Marks:

Grand total = 100

Home work

The home work shall be submitted online at email -id, as per the deadline given, in pdf, preferabely created through latex. Delay of each day shall be a penalty of 1 point. Five days penalty means zero point score. There may be more than two home works, best two shall be considered. Any plagiarism shall invite deduction of marks.


There may be more than two quizes, best two shall be considered. The time duration for the quizes shall be 20 minutes at the begin or end of a class. The pattern of the questions in the quizes shall very, so as to test the: grasping of contents, imagination and creativity, capability to crack difficult problems, and originality of answwers as well the ideas.

MID and End Semesers

Syllabus contents shall be what has been taught until the last class. The examination shall be aimed to test the abilities mentioned in the quizes, solution of new problems, and originality of ideas. The regularity in class shall be important factor for in performing in the exams.

Semester Project

The semester project is aimed to induce learning by implementing a system as a theoretical design using the scientific ideas with formal approach, how to structure the report, how to present the systems design and its analysis in a most systematic way; also the presentation style and quality shall be important, with well thought contents. The formating shall be compulsorily be in Latex, and submission in pdf. A semester project shall be a team work of a group of two students, who will choose a project out of a list.


Those who have 90% attendance will be awarded 5 point, 80-90: 4 point, 75-80 3 point. And less than 75% zero.