32002: Artificial Intelligence: III CSE, Spring Semester,2015, IIT Jodhpur.
Inventor of AI


Important: Future quizzes shall be short and random (without notice). For all to make a note of the same.

Lecture notes:

01. Syllabus HTML
02. Distribution of Marks HTML
03. Goals, roots, sub-subfields, Turing test, subareas pdf 
04. Propositional logic, syntax, semantics, tableau, resolution pdf
05. Properties of inference rules, non-monotonic reasoning pdf
06. Predicate logic, interpretation & Inferencing pdf 
07. Conversion to clause form, unifier, mgu, resolution & theorem proving pdf 
08. Unification algorithm pdf 
09. Rule-chaining pdf 
10. Logic programming and prolog pdf
11. World knowledge representation (Ontology) pdf 
12. Situation Calculus and Reasoning pdf  
13. Default logic and default reasoning pdf
14. Semantic networks pdf
15. Description logic pdf
16. State space search, dfs, bfs, dfid, bidirectional pdf 
17. Heuristic Search methods  pdf
18. Nature Inspired heuristic search techniques pdf 
19. Constraint satisfaction problems pdf
20. Adversarial search and game theory pdf
21. Planning and agents pdf  


Home works/Quizzes/Exams/Semester Project:

Semester Project pdf
2. HW #1 pdf
3. HW #2 pdf 
4. quiz#1 & Solution pdf
5. Midsem#1 & solution pdf
6. Midsem #1 special exam pdf
7. HW # 3 pdf  sub. dt. 19/03
8. AI semester projects allotted & midsem report html 
9. Sample AI Sem project report  pdf  
10. Sample Semester project zipped files  zip 
11. Semester project midsem review comments  pdf  tex
12. End sem syllabus html
13. HW#4  practice exercisespdf

Semester project deadline: 3rd May 2015, online. For review it may be forwarded early.

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