CS 323: Artificial Intelligence

(Semester Projects)

  1. Artificail Conciousness
  2. Machine Learning
  3. Text-to-speech synthesis
  4. Speech Processing (Speech to text)
  5. Object Identification by Image Processing
  6. Genetic Algorithms
  7. Neural nets for Brain modeling
  8. Neural nets for Machine Learning
  9. Computer Vision
  10. Support vector Machines for classiifcation
  11. Bayesian networks for classification
  12. Expert system for medical diagnosis (using prolog)
  13. Semantic Networks
  14. Natural language Parsing
  15. Natural Language Processing
  16. Machine Translation
  17. Baysian belief networks
  18. Image Processing
  19. Game Playing
  20. Process Scheduling
  21. Flight scheduling
  22. Bots
  23. Semantic Web
  24. Social Networks
  25. Spam filter
  26. Deep learning
  27. Ontology
  28. Robot path planning
  29. Twitter data analysis
  30. Tool for Dialect Analysis
  31. Teaching Machines to Learn on Their Own
  32. Mobile Applications for navigation
  33. Machine Unlearning
  34. AI for medical diagnosis
  35. Human shape and motion analysis
  36. Object recognition
  37. Activity Recognition
  38. Expert Doctor
  39. Expert Electrical technician
  40. Automobile trouble shooter


  1. There will be group of two students per project.
  2. The project reqires some implementation, which, depending on the project, shall be in C, C++, Java, Matlab, Scilb, Oactave, or using some tools available in open or closed source.
  3. The project proposal in the form of synopsis, of 2-pages, shall be required to be submitted by 15th Jan. 2016.
  4. Apart from synopsis, there will be two midterm evaluations, and one final - after submision of final report. For late submission per day, there will of 25% penalty of allocated marks.
  5. All the reports, including the synopsis shall be in Latex.
  6. Only the project listed here can be chosen.