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The books mentioned below are foundational work, and are based on guiding the students for many years through classroom teaching at M B M Engineering College as well as at Indian Institute of Technology Jodhpur. The AI book can be said to be of semi research oriented, and fitting for teaching at undergraduate and graduate levels. The 3rd edition of the book on Discrete Structures has gone through  improvements during the teaching as well as in its three editions. The last title, which is on Bioinformatics, is publication of selected papers from its conference.

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The book titled as Fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence, covers all the latest topics of AI field, namely Introduction, Logic and Reasoning, First-order Predicate Logic, Rule-based reasoning, Logic Programming and Prolog, Real-world knowledge Representation and Reasoning, Network-based representation, State-space search, Heuristic search, Constraint Satisfaction Problems, Probabilistic Reasoning, Game Theory, Machine Learning, Statistical Learning Theory, Automated Planning, Intelligent Agents, Data Mining, Information Retrieval, Natural Language Processing, Automatic Speech Recognition, and Machine Vision.   The review about the book can be read from the ACM Computing Reviews -- an online Journal.

The book Fundamentals of discrete Mathematical structures, 3rd Ed. is published by Prentice-Hall of India (PHI). It is an essential core course in CS B.Tech., BE and MCA. Contents: Induction recursion, recurrences; Combinatorics; Discrete Probability; Mathematical Logic; Logical Inference; Predicate Logic; Graph Theory; Relations on Sets; Trees; Algebraic Systems; Languages, Automata, & Grammars; Prime numbers & cryptography; Solved examples in each chapter, GATE Questions, Extensive list of problems at each chapter end for practice.

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The book of Fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence is new book, published by Springer Nature (An International Edition), which covers all the areas of Modern Artificial Intelligence, and equally suitable for undergraduate and researchers. The book of Discrete Mathematical Structure is now in its 3rd Edition. It is followed as textbook for CS courses like B.Tech., BE, and MCA in many Universities in India.

Fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence (Springer Nature Publication)
Fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence

CONTENTS: Foundations of AI, Constraint Satisfaction Problems, Adversarial Search and Game Theory, Statistical Learning Theory, Automated Planning, Intelligent Agents, Information Retrieval, Natural Language & Speech Processing, and Machine Vision.

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Fundamentals of Discrete Mathematical Structures
fundamentals of discrete mathematical structures, 3rd Ed

CONTENTS: Discrete Structures & Set theory; Induction recursion, recurrences; Combinatorics; Discrete Probability; Mathematical Logic; Logical Inference; Predicate Logic; Graph Theory; Relations on Sets; Trees; Algebraic Systems; Languages, Automata, & Grammars.

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Bioinformatics and Computational Technologies

CONTENTS: Protein databases and & industrial relevance; Finding overlapping Bi-clusters from Gene Expression Data; In Silico-3D structure prediction of Amylase; Nanotechnology and medicine; Computational techniques; Formal language theory applied to living organism; Visualization of features.

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lecture notes on CORE

Following are the lecture notes on some more important B.Tech/BE Computer Science courses in Engineering. These are also available under the title "Lecture Notes"


The compilers are language translators. By this you learn the techniques of translation from one language as well as high level to low level languages.


This course of CA (Computer Architecture) teaches you fundamentals of CPU architecture, memories, IO systems, and their coordinated working: a foundation course of computer science.


The field of AI is fast advancing, there are many examples of that, including Google Search Engine and ChatGPT. The AI is fast changing the World.


"Theory of Computation" is core course in CS, knowledge of does not get obsolete over time, and is foundational knowledge in CS. It is like "theory of machines" in mechanical Engineering and "Theory of structures" in Civil Engineering.

professional courses

The professional Computer Science courses are skill oriented courses, and provide maximum job opportunities in CS field at any particular time. However, like many other skills this knowledge needs to be updated and upgraded, as the technology and market demands. Following are some of the most common courses in Computer Science, which can be called as ever green fields.

C Language

It is foundational programming language, and popular for speed, compactness, and platform independent. Large majority of tools and applications, including communication applications, are written in C.


C++ is specifically designed for application developments, one can quickly develop prototypes using C++. It is object oriented languages with many features, that make it one of the best choice for robust application development.


Python is modern language and has all the features of C++ and many more. Its code is compact, and being used in application development in many fields, including speech and natural language processing.


The Machine Learning (ML) is a new field, and has mathematics and statistics as the foundations. Python is one of the dominant language for ML Programming.