B.Tech. CS Final year Projects

Some Ideas for Choosing B.Tech/B.E. Projects for CS final year

Updated on June 01, 2020

Guidelines for B.Tech. CS Projects

Possible B.Tech. projects, which can be taken by the B.tech. (CSE) students should most likely be related to the courses they do at B.tech level. Normally, they learn the topic related to data structures and algorithms, databases, Internet and networking, user-interfaces, etc. Projects on which they can work are: pattern recognition in text, in images, in videos, natural languages and new languages created due to twitter, and other social media, semantic web, etc. Some innovation trends are: like the most recent news which was reported in science magazine and ACM, “ Stanford Computer Scientists Learn to predict which Photos Will Go Viral?”. That is, brought a theory based on patterns leaned as which photos and videos will be shared multiple number of times on the Facebook. As per statics, only one in 20 photos posted on the social media gets shared even once, and just one in 4,000 gets more than 500 shares. This finding they obtained after analyzing 150,000 Facebook photos, which became the base for patterns, and theory of liking came out of this.

Similarly, the Georgia Institute of technology researchers have developed Latent Generation, a computer security system that continuously monitors how a user taps and swipes a mobile device. If the movements do not match the owner’s tendencies, the system recognizes the differences and can be programmed to lock the device. During the testing the researchers found that system was 98-percent correct on tables. “ The system learns persons touch signature, then constantly compares it to how the current-user is interacting with the device” says their Prof. Chau.

We can extend these concepts by patterns learning, as based on medical images to find out the chances of so and so diseases, based on ECG patterns, find out (predict) based on sustained irregularities, the health of heart, and many things like that.

Thus, it would be better if UG CS students work , exclusively for area close to real cs, instead of having a hybrid project comprising many disciplines together.

List of Projects:

  1. New user interfaces which are linguistically neutral.

  2. User interfaces for uneducated, where results can be spoken/video, instead of displaying text.

  3. websites for the deaf and dumb.

  4. Analysis of traffic patterns and suggest solutions, analysis of power distributions, analysis of water supplies and control of wastage, etc. For example, some one can take a water supply distribution network of a city like jodhpur, and represent that in the form of a graph G = (V, E, W), comprising set of vertices, set of edges, and one or more wets associated with edge, like distance, pipeline diameter, etc. And can calculate pressure patterns, losses, and many useful information. In fact, this is pattern which works for internet.

  5. There are many government projects in progress, it is possible to collect data from the concerned organizations, and based on the trend it is possible to draw many important conclusions, making use of earning theory, game theory, and so on. These theories can be applied in such areas, as there are agencies to make them success, as will as there are others which would like them to fail ! Thus, they are opposite interests, and game theory can be applied, the system can be modeled, and very important conclusions can be drawn, which simply do not tell us the trends, and the true fate of those?

  6. Govt. has already come with the food bill. It is challenge for a country like India, as how to plan and manage the supply chain. Computing techniques of “queueing” and “network” theories can be applied to solve such problems, and the students can work on such area.

  7. Automated attendance system of employees in an organization or a students, the records can immediately go into excel sheet, maintained by for example by a teacher in a class room.

  8. Since mobile is a very common device, and every one keeps it along always. Can it be used as an effective interactive instrument between students and the teacher in a class room. For example, after completion of a topic, to evaluate the students, questions can be presented by projector, and simple answers, like yes/no, or a/b/c/d (mcqs) can be responded by students, and an application in teachers mobile will pickup, and display a bar chart in his mobile, as statistics. Looking to this teacher can very easily find out what percent of students are right and what wrong. That gives instant feedback, and some points can be repeated by the teacher. This is far efficient than counting hands. Generally, it is tendencies of students not expose themselves that they have not understood. As this may reflect in the mind of teacher, that so and so is very poor in student ! But, mobile based interactive technique, confirms that many have not understood the topic, their identity is not disclosed, and it is instant solution!! Any application/algorithm/theory in this direction can be highly of great benefit for teaching and learning !!

  9. Since iphones, are very common they can be through as tools for home security, one may think over what to include?

  10. All the present home appliances have non-standard interfaces for their controls. Like, fans have switches on/off, stepper switches, and rotary linear speed control. The lights have again on/off (either full bright or total darkness), bathroom geysers are mostly on/off, and so on. This was 100 years back also, when fans and bulbs came first time !! There is lot of scope to develop a uniform common interface for all electrical appliances, which can be remotely operated, either through mobile or some other similar hand held control. There can be a theoretical design/model/implementation possible, and for this students can work for a year as B.tech project. Which can be improved for more than subsequent batches to arrive at the final solution. (In fact, the CRIS project, of Indian railways’ online booking was originally conceived in the form of a summer project, which was done by one of the national level technical Institute’s students as a very elementary model in the begin !)

  11. to continue for more motivation .....