Computer Architecture class room slides, IIT Jodhpur

(Session: Jul.-Nov.2013)


Charles Babbage: The father of Computers.

Endsem Syllabus:

1. Assembly language programming

2. CPU Subblock, Datapath -ALU, registers, CPU buses; Control path microprogramming, hardwired logic

3. Memory Subblock, Memory organization; Technology-ROM, RAM. Cache -Cache coherence protocol for uniprocessor.

4. I/ O Subblock, I/ O techniques-interrupts, polling, DMA; Synchronous vs. Asynchronous I/O;  Controllers, Peripherals, Disk drives; Printers-  dot matrix,  Keyboards

5. Advanced Concepts, Pipelining; Introduction to Advanced Processors.

Note: Emphasis shall be on part covered after 2nd midsem.


1. Syllabus  text
2. Motivation  html
3. Introduction to computer organization  pdf
4. Logic ckts and minimization pdf
5. Architecture Design methodology pdf
6. Gate level and word-level design pdf
7. integer arithmetics circuits pdf
8. Number representation and arithmetics  pdf
9. Processor level Design pdf
10. Instruction set Architecture and Assembly language programming  pdf
11. Microprocessor history  pdf (
Hardwired and Microprogrammed control pdf
13. Latex template for semester Project synopsis pdf tarformat
14. Memory organization pdf
15. Syllabus for II Midsem html
16. Cache Memories pdf
17. I/O subblock, I/O techniques, Interrupts, Polling, DMA pdf
18. Printers, keyboard, display interfaces pdf 
19. Advanced processors and parallel processing pdf  

1. Tutorial sheet#1 (Basic concepts) html
2. Tutorial sheet#2 (design of combinational and sequential circuits)(Solution) pdf
3. Quiz#1 pdf  (Solution)  pdf
4. Tutorial sheet#3 (number representation & arithmatics) pdf
(T3 to be submitted along with T4, keep it ready).
5. Semester Project html pdf
6. Tutorial sheet#4 (bus architecture, instruction set, assembly language) pdf
7. List of emester Projects allotted html pdf
8. Solution for 1st MIDsem pdf
9. Quiz#2 pdf html 
10. Solution for 2nd MIDsem pdf
11. Quiz#2 solution pdf  
12. End sem q. paper pdf 
End sem solution table for q1 MCQs pdf
14. End sem solution pdf

Old notices:
Future online submissions through email to be: sub: Ti_your-roll-no for tutorial no.i, filenme: Ti_roll.pdf
Outside class discussion time