Faculty developments for teaching Engineering Courses:

1. Faculty development for Computer Science  
2. Teaching / Learning Models for Engineering Courses pdf
3. Teaching / Learning Models for Electronics and Communication Engineering Courses pdf
4. Teaching / Learning Models for Electrical Engineering Courses pdf
5. Teaching / Learning Models for Computer Science & Engineering Courses pdf
6. Teaching / Learning Models for Civil and Mechanical Engineering Courses pdf

1. Basic sciences, MBA, and PPC  pdf
2. Electronics and Communication Engineering  pdf
3. Innovative teaching methods for Science & Engineering   pdf
4. Information Retrieval (CSE)  pdf
5. Latex for technical & Scientific writing Link

1. Scientific approach to teaching Engineering students pdf  
2. Introduction to SciLab  pdf
3. Sample demo programs of Scilab prog1  prog2  prog3  prog-output  prog4  prog5 prog6
4. Introduction to and hands on with R-language slides
5. Sample demo progs, o/p data files, plots by R-Language plotprog.r rplot.jpg
                                                volcano.r volcano.jpg house.data   hnew.data
6. Introduction to gnu-octave pdf  prog1 prog2 graph  
7. Guidelines for technical question paper setting pdf 
8. Guidelines for evaluating teaching performance pdf 
9. Guidelines for evaluating students' learning pdf 

1. Introduction to Python as First language pdf
2. Introductory programming in Python pdf
3. Tools for Teaching at College level pdf