Learning LaTex step-by-step

 Motivation: Experiences and lessons learned by teaching latex to university students:  pdf-Link
 Lectures Slides for Latex:
 1. Full slide.tex   Full slide.pdf
 2. s1.tex  s1.pdf
 3. s2.tex  s2.pdf
 4. s3.tex  s3.pdf
 5. s4.tex  s4.pdf  
 6. s5.tex  s5.pdf
 7. s6.tex s6.pdf  
 8. s7.tex  s7.pdf
 9. s8.tex  s8.pdf  
10. s9.tex  s9.pdf
11. s10.tex  s10.pdf  
12. s11.tex  s11.pdf 
13. s12.tex  s12.pdf  
14. s13.tex  s13.pdf 
15. s14.tex  s14.pdf    
16. s15.tex  s15.pdf   

Links:  Latex version for windows
              Editor for tex Documents
Latex command summary (pdf file with all symbols and their latex commands)
Tutorial Guide for latex pdf