Some results of formulating research problems: EE, ECE, A, CSE, ME, S, CE:

  1. Apply machine learning techniques to signal processing problems, such as image and speech recognition.

  2. Investigate advanced control strategies for efficient integration of renewable energy sources into smart grids,

  3. Investigate novel materials and devices for optical communication and signal processing.

  4. Investigate methods for enhancing the stability and reliability of power systems.

  5. Investigate applications in smart cities, autonomous vehicles, and industrial automation.

  6. Develop advanced machine learning algorithms for complex pattern recognition.

  7. Investigate the explainability and interpretability of deep learning models.

  8. Explore novel techniques for sentiment analysis and emotion recognition in text.

  9. Develop advanced NLP models for understanding context and discourse.

  10. Investigate methods for robust object detection and tracking in real-world scenarios.

  11. Develop advanced control algorithms for robotic systems.
  12. Investigate human-robot collaboration and swarm robotics for industrial applications.

  13. Explore advanced computational fluid dynamics (CFD) for complex flow simulations.

  14. Investigate advanced structural materials for high-performance applications.

  15. Explore methods for vibration control and damping in mechanical systems.

  16. Explore strategies for designing and activating public spaces to enhance social interaction, community engagement, and overall quality of life.