How much have you Learned?

  1. What is meaning of “formulating hypothesis"?
  2. What is a scientific method? (Hint:based on logical arguments, experimental, observation
  3. What are the rules (postulates) of scientific method?
  4. What are the different types of research in following? (descriptive, analytical, applied, fundamental
    1. Pre-poll and post poll surveys,
    2. data collection of families to reporting,
    3. data collection of education and monthly income to establish the relation between education vs. earnings,
    4. to determine the living standards of people in Rajasthan based on data available,
    5. to determine the relation between value of “pi, dia, and circumference" of a circle,
    6. to calculate energy produced per fission in uranium.
    7. To predict the sales in Amazon using AI
    8. To determine which is most effective learning method to be applied so that power required generation in a power plant can be predicted correctly, in advance? (Out of reinforcement learning, supervised learning, unsupervised learning)?