Theory of Computation Lectures Notes
IIT Jodhpur 2015, V Semester; 2017 VI semester (Later Improved & Updated)       
Kurt Godel
Kurt Gödel

The list of semester projects has been attached. The students in groups of two shall choose one project. See detailed guide lines.
1. Theory of computation course content (cs222)  pdf
2. Introduction to FA, formal languages and computation
3. Regular languages, regular expressions pdf
4. Deterministic Finite Automata pdf
5. Finite automata to regular expressions pdf
6. Nondeterministic Finite Automata pdf
7. Minimization of Finite Automata pdf
8. Regular languages their properties pdf
9. Testing regularity and minimization of FA pdf
10. Context-free grammars and languages  pdf
11. Closure properties of context-free languages pdf
12. Simplification and normalization of CFGs pdf  
13. Pumping Lemma for Context-free languages pdf
14. Pushdown automata pdf 

15. Turing Machine  basics pdf
16. Turing Machine extensions and language enumeration  pdf
17. Turing machine as function computer pdf 
18. Universal Turing machine pdf 
19. Decidability, Church-Turing Thesis pdf 
20. Undecidability, Halting Problem pdf
21. Reducibility pdf  
22. Syllabus for End semester examination html  
23. Complexity, based on TMs, P and NP pdf   (updated)
24. Satisfiability problem  pdf 


Quizzes, Assignments,
 exams, projects:

1. Quiz # 1 pdf
2. Assignment #1 pdf
3. Rules for HW submission and awards: HTML
4. Mid sem1 pdf
5. Quiz # 2 pdf
6. Assignment # 2 pdf 
7. Semester Projects html
8. Guidelines for semester projects html
9. Semester Projects allotted html 

Important Journals:

Discrete mathematics and theoretical computer science
Discrete Mathematics Journal -Elsevier
Open Journal of Discrete Mathematics
SIAM - Journal on Discrete Mathematics
Journal of Discrete mathematics
Journals (etc.) in Discrete Mathematics and Related Fields