Guidelines for TOC Semester Projects:

  1. There will be two members per group.
  2. Each group shall choose one title based on their interest, and mail the title, group partner names, along with roll numbers to, and Only those titles shall be chosen which have yet not been selected by any one. The mailing shall start on Oct. 12, 2015, 22.00 PM.
  3. The group partners shall submit a synopsis in pdf, by 19 Oct., in 2-3 pages, online at my mail-id.
  4. A large majority of project are theoretical in nature, and requires no coding.
  5. The final project report will be in latex only, and compiled into pdf.

How to?

These projects shall be in the form of small reports, describing how you will solve (i.e., solution approach), what/which methods, algorithms, techniques of representation you will use? The true complexity of the algorithms and data structures will be transparent in the projects, as well the implementation aspects.
It will be required to prepare and submit a final project report before the end semester exam, comprising of:
Objective the project,
Implementation details,
Block diagrams,
Transition diagrams
Data Structures on tape
Conclusions and improvements
Each project shall be 15-20 pages, edited in sections names given above making use of Latex/Lyx only.