Master of Engineering (Computer Science & Engineering)
  2 Sem. 2011-12. (Downloads)

Course: Natural languages and Speech Processing
1. Introduction to Parsing
2. Exercises set #1
3. Indian Language and Panian approach
4. Guidelines for Seminar
5. Exercise # 2:
Choose any one of the following 8 journal articles on nlp, and lock your choice by mailing the paper Sno. to me. The allotment (not more than three entries per paper, shall be on FCFS basis). Try to absorb the contents of selected choice, and re-write it in summarized form  as an article, as a Home-work. USe your own language. The format is  ieee-format.doc. The maximum length is 5 pages, and min 3-pages.

Submission deadline:   June 10, 2012, oneline. The password for the protected papers has been mailed to the group. The articles in links paper1-paper8 are password protected.

    paper1     paper2     paper3   paper4    paper5   paper6    paper7    paper8    ieee-format.doc
   Important: The Paper summary is to be submitted in Hard Copy also, on 17th Jul. 2012.
Below the author name, write: Summarized by: ...
6. Exercise # 3 Submission deadline 25-07-2012.

7. Introduction to wordnet
8. Statistical Approach for machine translation