Guidelines for Pursuing Research, Writing Master / PhD Dissertations and Technical  Writing

1. Tips for Pursuing Research in Science (Talk at JIETSETG 09/07/2014) pdf

2. Master's Thesis Guidelines

3. Latex Templates for writing PhD / Master's Thesis:

Abstract  .tex
Acknowledgement .tex
Contents .tex  
Chapter1 .tex 
Chapter2 .tex 
Chapter3 .tex 
Chapter4 .tex 
Chapter5 .tex 
Chapter6 .tex 
Bibliography .tex 
List of figures .tex 
Thesis style file .sty 
Thesis chap1- Chap6 .tex  pdf
Table of contents .tex 
Makefile mak 
(Note: Download all these files, and compile to dvi/pdf using kile or any variant of Latex)

4. Latex/doc templates for research articles:

Latex Templates for IEEE Conference article:    .tex  pdf
MS Word Templates for IEEE Conference article:   .doc
Latex Templates for IEEE Transactions article:   .tex  pdf
Latex Templates for IEEE Transactions details:  pdf

5. Tips for Computer science Research and Writing (Talk at JIETSETG 20/04/2014) pdf

6. Scientific Writing
The Science of Scientific Writing (American Scientist)

Mathematical Writing (Americal Mathematical Society, Donald E. Knuth)