Lecture Notes on Computer Architecture

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EndSem Syllabus:

Instruction set architecture CISC and RISC, Case study - instruction sets of some common CPUs.

Control unit design: Hardwired and micro-programmed design approaches

Memory system design: semiconductor memory technologies, memory organization. Cache; Cache memory hierarchy;

Peripheral devices and their characteristics: Input-output subsystems, I/O transfers - program controlled, interrupt driven and DMA, Secondary storage devices;

Privileged and non-privileged instructions, software interrupts and exceptions, programs and processes, role of interrupts in process state transitions.

Pipelining: Basic concepts of pipelining, throughput and speedup, pipeline hazards.

1. Syllabus  text
2. Motivation  html
3. Introduction  pdf
4. Representation of numbers and Characters pdf
5. Basic elements of gates pdf
6. Gate level and word-level design pdf
7. Implementing arithmetic operations pdf
8. Processor level- instruction cycle, buses, & communication pdf
9. Instruction set architecture and assembly language programming pdf
10. 8085 Assembly language programing pdf
11. Micro-programing pdf
12. Memory systems pdf
13. Cache Memory system pdf
14. IO, Interrupts, DMA pdf
15. Parallel processing pdf
 Home Assignments:
1. Gates and shift registers pdf
2. Buses and CPU level design pdf 
3. 1st mid sem pdf
4. 1st mid sem solution pdf
5. 2nd mid sem pdf
6. 2nd mid sem solution pdf
7. End Semester question paper pdf
8. End Semester question paper Solution pdf