Expert Lectures for B.Tech. Computer Science and Electronics Courses
at JIET & JIET-COE,  Sessions 2014- 17.

   C Language and Data Structures

1.  C Language Pointers, Structures, and user-defined data structures pdf
2.  C language Learning: pointers, functions, command-line arguments, and IO pdf
3.  Structures, pointers, arbitrary data types, command line arguments pdf

    Microprocessor & Computer Architecture

4.  Microprocessors' Development History, advances, and Parallel Architectures pdf
5.  High-performance Architectures pdf
6.  High performance CPU Architectures pdf


7.  Compilers' theory, tools, and scope pdf 
8.  Advances in Compilers pdf


9.  Information and Network Security
   (Attacks, Data Encryption, and defense mechanisms pdf
10.  Database security & Privacy pdf


11.  Graph Algorithms pdf

   Operating System

12.  Unix file system pdf


13.  State space search in AI pdf


14.  Queuing Theory pdf
15.  Fourier Transform & its Applications pdf